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Your new best friend? Meet Hemp Seed Oil

By far one of my favourites..and you will find it in most (if not all) of our products that contain oils. We sourced cold-pressed (so we retain all the heat-sensitive goodies) virgin oil that has been produced in New Zealand. We buy it in small batches, so it is fresh.

We also sometimes use Hemp Heart Oil. While pressed in New Zealand, these hemp hearts come from China. With the same compounds, its a bit lighter on smell, and so can be enjoyed in combination with other natural fragrances, like chamomile.

Most magical, is the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio, which encourages healthy inflammation levels and maintains healthy skin barrier function. Hemp seed oil is quickly absorbed and non-comedogenic (wont block pores). It can be helpful for those with acne because of this. Applying healthy fats to the skin on your face may reduce the bodies urge to generate excessive levels of sebum (oil). Oils applied to the skin reduce water loss and support the intra-cellular space of our skin.

Also loaded with beneficial components, hemp seed oil is relatively dark and green.

Chlorophyll gives it the green colour and is a great chemical compound for our skin. Chlorophyll helps plants survive and even thrive in the sun. So why wouldn't we want a bit of that! Said to promote wound healing, chlorophyll also promotes tissue growth and shows antibacterial properties. But it doesn't stop there. There are also flavonoids, terpenes, carotenoids (and more), all working to reduce the effects of aging.

Hemp seed oil will leave your skin feeling softer (therefore more flexible), more radiant and more resilient to the effects of the environment.

You can find a whopping dose in our face oils, and if you are afraid of a breakout or are experiencing acne, you could try our 'lite weight' version. Apply it at night after cleansing to restore oils that have been lost in the cleansing process.



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